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I’ve stared at the blank space where I type this post. I’ve started and deleted the words a couple times. Then I remember, the most difficult thing is to just get started. “Type something, anything, and then edit after,” I think to myself.

I want this first post to set the right tone for this blog. I want to say just the right thing, start in just the right place. I want to do this right. This impulse is part of what makes getting started so difficult. The perfectionist voice says that there is only one right way to do this whole blog thing. It says that if I do it any other way I will suffer some sort of catastrophic consequence.

I know that the perfectionist voice is in my head. I know that it doesn’t often speak the truth, but rather speaks to my fears. I know that it is something to be acknowledged and then set aside, though that is often easier said than done.

I have the added luxury right now that I don’t have a large audience. (Hi Mom and Dad!). That means that I get to just try things out. I can find the voice and the focus of this blog in a more natural and organic way, through trial and error. So any errors I make at this point, no matter how large, will have minimal impact.

My hope is that this blog can be a place for me to contribute to the conversations on behavior change, habit formation, healthy eating, joyful movement, mindset, mental health, and life. I want to contribute to these conversations in the traditional sense of an author putting their words out in the world and having those words be influenced and influence other people. I also look forward to the fact that we now have the internet and can actually communicate directly across the planet.

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