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Today I have for you a meta-post.

What’s a meta-post?

When you add ‘meta’ to the front of a word, it turns the word into the inception level. For example, meta-learning is learning about learning. And so a meta-post is a blog post about posting. And I liked having the excuse to use the prefix ‘meta’.

This weekend I am doing a “soft launch”. I’m sharing this website with my friends and family on my personal Facebook. It’s making me a little nervous. So far, with the couple posts I’ve done, I’ve been able to just write and put it on the site. There is no external expectation.

But since I am going to be sharing the existence of this site a little wider, I thought I’d share with you my expectations for myself.

Posting frequency:

I’d like to be able to post weekly but a more realistic schedule would be every two weeks. So far I’ve been roughly at that frequency. Ideally it would be every other Sunday or something, but I’m not going to promise that yet. I still have a lot to figure out in the background.

Topics I’ll cover:

On the side of the page, you can see the “categories”. But beyond that, I plan to share:

  • how-to style posts
  • some posts that talk about my personal philosophy or beliefs about the foundations for a good life (that’s the style I’ve written so far)
  • maybe some recipes (though right now I’m thinking that would fit better on social media)
  • questions and answers
  • my thoughts or interpretations of research or news articles
My big plan for the blog?

I know what some other dietitians have done – books, online courses, taking on clients individually, media appearances, articles in large publications. Some of these sound interesting to me, some not so much. But I don’t really have a big plan.

I started this blog because I got sick of thinking about what I might write about if I had a blog. I either had to stop thinking about it or start the darn thing. And so here we are. Going forward, I want to do the same thing. I want to do the things that I can’t thinking about – to the point when I annoy myself. So we will just have to wait and see what those things are together.

Until next time,

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