Foundations for the Good Life

Create a foundation of healthy habits upon which to live a good life.

A foundation

The foundation provides the solid footing for your house or any other building. Without a solid foundation, the integrity of the house is called into question. You can put any fancy finishes that you want, but if your foundation crumbles, it doesn’t matter. It’s just the same with the foundational behaviors that lead to good health.

Health is more than just physical health. It is also your mental health, social health, spiritual health, and occupational or vocation health. If one area starts to crumble, the others will also be impacted. And it goes the other way too; when you start to improve one area, the others generally improve too. It becomes a positive spiral

Healthy habits

Whether you think about your habits or not, your habits define the majority of what you do in the course of the day. So why not take advantage of that and craft your habit so that they help you reach your health goals? You can learn to deconstruct your current habits and replace them with new habits – it is a skill in and of itself.

The good life

What is the point of improving your health and habits, if not to live a good life?