Foundations for the Good Life

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The name (and URL) of this website comes from a metaphor. We can look at the process of creating the life we want to live using the process of building a house.

Create a foundation of healthy habits upon which to live a good life.

The Foundations

A house rests upon it’s foundations. The foundation of your house provides the structure, the strength, and the integrity. If the foundations go, the whole house goes.

The habits we have are our foundations.

It’s also a play on words. A reminder to go back to the foundations, the fundamentals, to go back to basics. Let’s do the simple stuff well. We might find that the complicated stuff isn’t needed.

We can: Create a foundation of healthy habits upon which to live a good life.

The Good Life

The Good Life is the life you want to live. It is the dream you envision for yourself. It is a life of meaning and purpose. Of connection with other people.

This is WHY.

Why we embark on a journey of self-discovery.
Why we try to improve our health.
Why we learn.
Why we strive for “good” careers.
Why we aim to improve our relationships.

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